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1) Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions will apply to all bookings made. By making a booking with Copi Studio Equestrian you agree to accept these Terms and Conditions.


If you are not the owner of the horse to be treated, by making a booking you confirm that you are authorised by the owner/s to accept these Terms and Conditions on their behalf.


2) Condition on attendance

All horses must be clean on attending the treatment. Hooves, legs, belly and tail must be washed. Hooves will be re-scrubbed on site. No horses with cuts, abrasions or skin conditions will be permitted for treatment and no re-fund for sessions missed doe to these conditions will be made.


3) Fees and payment terms

All bookings need to be paid prior to commencing. Package bookings are flexible and sessions can be rearranged as long as 48 hours notice is given.  These need to be used within 12 months. Refunds are not given for unused sessions. 


All re-scheduled or cancellations must be maid in writing by email

You must arrive no more than 20 minutes before your allocated time and leave no more than 20 minutes after you have finished. 


4) Horses which are not clean as in point 2 will be bathed and prepared on site. This will result in the time the horse is in the spa being reduced by the amount of preparation time taken. It is on the discretion of Copi Studio Equestrian staff to refuse a horse if it is too dirty and the spa treatment cannot be carried at for this reason or if the horse cannot settled. In such a case the cost remaining due. 


5) We can accept cash payment or bank transfer.


6) Cancellation

We require 48 hours notice for cancellations, otherwise the normal full session fee will be applicable.


7) Suitability of treatment

It is advised that horses have veterinary permission from their vet before receiving hydrotherapy treatment under Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the hydrotherapy treatment at Copi Studio Equestrian facility is appropriate for their horse. 

8) Horse health and vaccinations

Up to date vaccinations required for Flu & Tetanus. Equine Herpes Virus vaccination recommended. Please do not offload your horse these will be checked by our staff first. Please contact our staff by phone call once you are in the car park.


Any horse with abnormal signs or possible illness e.g. raised temperature, abnormal nasal discharge, inflamed glands, skin condition will be sent away for bio-security reasons. Please inform us of any behavioural problems or vices in advance.


Please bring adequate provisions of food and water for humans and horses.


9) Health and safety on site

All persons entering the hydrotherapy room enter at their own risk and must be dressed appropriately and wearing personal protective equipment including sturdy non-slip footwear. Anybody who does not wear personal protective clothing does so at their own risk.


Any horse in the centre deemed by staff as a risk to health and safety on the staff will have their treatment postponed and asked to leave until the treatment can be carried out safely. Full payment of the session will be applicable.


Smoking is strictly prohibited. No dogs allowed in the outside or inside areas.


10) Only staff may load and hold the horse during hydrotherapy sessions and/or operate the controls for the equipment. For safety of the staff and the horse, all horses will be treated using a bridle. 


11)  Limitation of liability

All horses attending the hydrotherapy or other treatment at Copi Studio Equestrian do so at their own risk. We will be not held responsible for any injury suffered by horses or their owners using our facilities. We are not responsible for any loss or loss of equipment. All horses having hydrotherapy or other treatments do so at their owner’s risk.


12) Damage to property

We reserve the right to charge the costs of making repairs or, if necessary, replacement to the owner if your horse causes damage to our premises or equipment.


13) Warranty

The treatments we offer are therapeutic in nature and as such we cannot make any guarantee as to their effectiveness. We will make every effort to ensure the treatment is appropriate for your horse.

14) Third party rights

The agreement created by these Terms and Conditions is between you and us only.


15) It is required to have a BHS membership which includes public liability insurance or any other third party liability insurance. Proof has to provided before booking first treatment session.


16) Disputes

Any disputes need to be made in writing, at the time of the incident.


17) Data protection

By booking a treatment consent is given to Copi Studio Equestrian to hold your personal data on file.


18) Photography and video copyright

We are given permission to take photographs and video footage of your horse whilst on our premises. We are given permission to use these freely on our social media and website unless the client specifies otherwise.  

Copi Studio Equestrian

Cruchfield Manor

Hawrthorn Hill



RG42 6HJ


The Access is from Ascot Road, please use the side entrance with brick wall on your left and field on your right side. Please park in the car park as sign posted. Please be respectful of our local neighbours. 


Copi Studio Equestrian reserves the right to refuse access to centre at any time. Government guidelines will be adhered to which can change at any time, requiring the facilities to close at short notice should the need arise. 

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